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What is this webpage for?
You can use this webpage to send files to anybody (even to your Android smartphone). You drag and drop a file to this page and a URL will be generated. Send that URL to somebody (e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.). When the other person clicks the link the transfer process will begin. Keep the webpage open till the file has been transferred (unless you are using the extra functionality described here).
A new feature named contacts makes it even easier. Once a user is in your contact list you will be able to notify him by clicking on his name. After that, a notification will appear in his computer and he will only have to click on it to start the transfer.
Why is it better than e-mail?
E-mails have a size limitation (Gmail has a limit of 25MB). With you can send any size, as long as the receiver has enough free disk space, of course.
Why is it better than Dropbox or Google Drive?
These services have a space quota. Once it is full you have to remove files by hand or pay for more space. With your file is not stored in any server, only in the receiver computer. Send the file and forget about it, no worries!
Why is it better than WeTransfer?
When you send a file with WeTransfer, the file is first sent and stored in a server probably thousands of kilometers away from where you are. With the file goes directly to the receiver's computer. Thus, if you are physically close, the file is transmitted much faster.
Ok, what are the drawbacks?
The drawback is that the sender has to keep the webpage open till the file has been transferred. This limitation is inherent in the concept of a peer to peer, serverless, system. Moreover, the system is only compatible with Chrome and Firefox at the moment.
How anonymous is it?
The file you are sending goes from your computer to the receiver's computer. No intermediate servers are involved with the file transmission in any sense. Neither the sender or the receiver have to login nor provide any information.
Are files transferred in a secure way?
Files are sent directly to the receiver so they are not stored in an intermediate server (unless you are using the extra functionality described here). But even if a malicious user gets the file by sniffing the network, he or she will not be able to open it because the file is transferred using a derivative of SSL, this is, the file is encrypted. Only the person you share the URL with will have access.
How easy is it to use?
Neither the sender or the receiver needs to install any software or plugin. You just need a browser (right now we only support Chrome and Firefox). The receiver just has to click on the link you send and the download will automatically start. Easy peasy.
How does it work?
We use the WebRTC capabilities to send data in a peer to peer fashion, this is, from one computer directly to another, through Internet, but without using any intermediate server. To temporary store the file in your hard drive instead of in main memory, we use the FileSystem API for Chrome and FileHandle API for Firefox. We first download the file to this temporary storage and when the download is completed we move the file to your Downloads directory.
What permission do I have to grant?
In Chrome we will try to store the temporary file in the temporary space, but it has size limitations. If the file size exceeds this temporary space we will have to write to a permanent space. To do so we will ask for your permission.
How to send multiple files?
In Chrome you can drag and drop a folder or several files and they will be zipped instantly (the zip will be streamed so it will not create a copy of the files). You can also click to open the file browser and make a multi-selection of files. The receiver will get a regular zipped file (the receiver can also use Firefox).
What about streaming?
You can stream an MP3 file to Chrome, although it is a beta feature. The file will start to play before it has been downloaded but the great thing is that it will not be saved to your hard drive so you don't have to worry about this file, just play it from your browser.
What is the "upload to the cloud" feature?
Takeafile transfers your file from one computer to another, thus the sender user cannot close the browser till the file has been transferred. In case the sender cannot keep the browser open, we offer the possibility to upload the file to our servers (note the icon on the left of the file title). In this way, the sender can upload the file and close the browser. Then, the receiver user will be able to download the file from our server. Currently, the file size has to be lower than 500MB and it will be removed from our servers after 7 days.
How do contacts work?
After sending a file to a user, this receiver user will appear in your contacts list. If this user has set a name you will be able to identify him, otherwise it will appear as "Anonymous". After that you will no longer need Skype, Whatsapp or anything to send the transfer URL. By clicking the name of a contact, a notification will appear in his computer. The receiver will only have to click this notification to open the Takeafile webpage and start the transfer.
Privacy Policy
We store no information about the files you send (unless you are using the extra functionality described here).
We use Google Analytics to collect aggregated information, such as how many visitors our webpage has, how many files have been sent throughout the month, etc. We cannot access any file in your computer under any circumstances. Only the file the sender wants to send will be read.
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