Privacy & Cookie Statement

Takeafile takes your trust and right to privacy seriously and processes as little personal data as necessary. Nevertheless, to enable you to use our service and to deliver, improve and secure our service, Takeafile needs to process some personal data. By using our service and/or registering an account you agree to have read and understood our Privacy & Cookie Statement as set out below.

Personal Data

When using the Takeafile service, you do not have to sign up for an account, although it is optional in order to enable certain features that require extra user information to properly operate or to potentially login with the same user account from another device. When you register you have to provide some personal data. We register you in accordance with our Terms of Service.

When using the Takeafile service, Takeafile processes and stores the following (personal) data:

Your IP-address;

Your email address;

Your name and picture (for registered users);

Email addresses of the recipients;

IP-addresses of the recipients;

File names, sizes and types (for statistical analysis, not related with identified users);

Contacts (relation between users that exchange files)


Takeafile places several cookies on your computer for the purpose of facilitating your use of the service and to find out how the service may be improved. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Examples are: your language preferences, remembering email addresses of yourself and recipients and acceptance of the Terms and Privacy & Cookie Statement.

Our website can place these cookies for the following purposes: Functional cookies are used to provide functionalities when using our service, such as the possibility to set preferences or to remember your previous recipients. Analytical cookies are used to optimize our service. For example to optimize the usability of our website, to make the website more user-friendly and to analyze how you use our website.

If you would want to remove certain cookies, or block them from being stored in your browser, it is possible to arrange this through your browser settings for cookies. You can find these settings under the Privacy tab in the Preferences section of most browsers. Here you can specify your cookie preferences or remove cookies. Please note that if you remove or refuse Takeafile cookies, the service might not function in optimal form.


Any file transfer between You and recipients is treated confidentially. Takeafile does not provide any search function, catalogue or listing to find transfers that would be available. Takeafile will not look into your transfer or files, unless they are uploaded to the cloud and this is necessary and in line with this Privacy & Cookie Statement and the Terms of Service, for instance to provide You with (technical) support on Your request. Please be careful to distribute download links - whoever is passed on or has access to a download link can download the files contained in that transfer. In any case, those files directly transferred using the "live transfer" cannot be inspected or analyzed by any means due to physical reasons (peer to peer transfer).

Right to object

You have a right to object to our use of your personal data. If you inform us that you do not longer wish us to process your personal data or to be approached, Takeafile will move your information to a separate file. Your data will no longer be used for the abovementioned purposes. You can request this via Please state clearly that your request concerns a privacy matter and more specifically that you exercise your right to object. If you think we have infringed your privacy rights, you can lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. You can lodge your complaint in particular in the country where your live, your place of work or place where you believe we infringed your right(s).

Revisions to the Privacy & Cookie Statement

Note that Takeafile may revise this Privacy & Cookie Statement from time to time. Each revised version shall be dated and posted on the website. Takeafile recommends that you review the website from time to time and take note of any changes. If you do not agree with the Privacy & Cookie Statement, you should not or no longer access or use the website and/or service. By continuing to use the website and/or service you accept any changes made to the Privacy & Cookie Statement.


If you have questions about the way Takeafile processes your personal data or the personal information Takeafile stores about you, please contact Takeafile by sending an email with your question to We speak English and Spanish.